Nowadays, everything is all about self gratification. We like living freely, unburdened by social conventions. However, there are certain situations when this is not sufficient, when one cannot get along due to the lack of knowledge of formal rules. When negotiations broke up, we feel embarrassed or we simply realize that we do not know how to behave.

A knowledge of etiquette rules may help in these cases. Both etiquette and protocol have been in development for centuries. These groups of rules gather norms of civilized, low-key, self-conscious attitudes that rely on respect.

Not only diplomatic, state and official meetings need protocol. Protocol as much as etiquette contain common social behaviors which are both beneficial for business meetings and social events.

Knowledge of formal manners is more important than ever due to the laxity of social norms, the spread of informal and "cool" habits. The relaxed atmosphere of everyday life weakens our vigilance to respect formal manners.

Etiquette is not a self-contained ceremonial routine, but one of the most efficient methods of dispute resolution: soft diplomacy is an appropriate tool to soften clashes between people. It is a high standard of self-enforcement without offending someone else. All together, soft diplomacy and etiquette help us find a common ground amid (cultural) differences and diversity.

Learning etiquette is just as easy as learning to drive. Studying etiquette develops our skills and adapting in practice is as simple as breathing.

As a coach, her ambition is to give people the polish and skill to achieve their goals. She helps her clients to distinguish themselves from the competition by providing cutting-edge differences – courtesy, image, trust and perception of reliability. She is part of their mission, she co-operates with them to feel comfortable in certain situations.

Hajnal Ferencz obtained her professional knowledge from the best protocol and etiquette schools. She graduated from Corvinus University of Budapest as International Relations Specialist with her major specialisation in Diplomacy. She studied in Brussels and Washington from the best exponents of the profession. She graduated from The Protocol School of Washington and International School of Protocol and Diplomacy.

Hajnal is a protocol officer at the Protocol Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary.